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fzg – Freiburger Zeitschrift für GeschlechterStudien

The Freiburger Zeitschrift für GeschlechterStudien (fzg) provides a forum for the consideration of a broad range of issues relevant to the fields of Gender and Queer Studies. With a critical eye on the relationship between academia and wider society, the journal aims to promote debate and discussion in a way that transcends discipline boundaries and theoretical positioning. The fzg is based in the Center for Anthropology and Gender Studies at the University of Freiburg and is published by Verlag Barbara Budrich.


If you have any questions about the publication process please don't hesitate to contact the coordination team of the fzg!


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fzg 29|2023 Feminist Science Technology Studies meet Postcolonial Studies published since November 2023.

Open access articles can be viewed or edition  ordered directly from the publisher Barbara Budrich.


fzg 31|2025 Again(st) Nature? Approaches to a Controversial Category of Gender Studies (Deadline: March 31st 2024)

Submissions for the permanent Open Call for Papers are welcome as well (Deadline: March 31st 2024 for the issue fzg 31|2025)