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Information for Authors

Checklist for submitting a paper

☐ Paper in English or German following academic quality criteria (see below)

☐ The length of the text (incl. references) should not exceed 40,000 characters (incl. blanks)

☐ First page: Title, abstract of ca. 10 lines and five keywords (each in English and if possible in German)

☐ Formatting according to the fzg stylesheet

☐ Signed form of the Declaration for article publication by every author


Checklist for submitting a review

☐ English or German review of a current publication relevant to the field

☐ The length of the text should not exceed 12,000 characters (incl. blanks)

☐ Formatting according to the fzg stylesheet

☐ Signed form of the Declaration for article publication by every author


What to consider when submitting at fzg?

The fzg releases an annual Call for Papers with differing topical foci each year. Paper submission is usually due by March 31st (please check the CfP for possible divergence). Reviews should be submitted by summer (generally in August). Please confer with us if necessary, we are happy to support you e.g. by ordering a copy of the book under revision. We prefer, but do not exclusively publish, reviews of publications relevant to our topical focus. Besides the submissions on our thematic Call for Papers, the fzg is always interested in articles responding to our permanently open Call for Papers. Please send in your manuscript by March 31st as well.
The fzg exclusively publishes original contributions that have not already appeared elsewhere and which are not intended or expected to be published anywhere else. More information on that topic under Original Contributions.


How do we process your submitted manuscript?

When we receive your correctly submitted article in response to our Call for Papers, the editor board will proof your manuscript. Promising texts will be anonymized and revised in a double-blind peer review process by two external experts. If the peer-reviewers support the publication of your manuscript, the editorial board will then send you feedback to rework your paper – please expect this first revision stage in October/November. After a quick internal inspection of your changes, your contribution will then be revised by our editorial staff. Afterwards we ask you to examine your text once more – this second revision stage usually takes place in March. Finally, we enter typesetting and forward the galley proof to you for final checking and approval. Please notice that the entire publication process including content and form based editing as well as layout and printing takes approximately 1 ½ years.


What criteria will be used to review your manuscript?

All parties remain anonymous throughout the entire peer-review process, both reviewers and authors. The reviewers will be asked to evaluate your text in accordance with the following key questions:

  • To what extent does the author have a clear and comprehensible research question and line of argument?
  • To what extent does the author account for the current state of research?
  • In what ways does the author reflect on the material used for analysis and their own methodological approach?
  • How would you assess the linguistic quality of the contribution?
  • What is your overall impression of the contribution? What revisions and changes would you suggest that the author makes?


After publication? – Gender Open Repository

The fzg supports the endeavor to enable free access to academic information and research results. We therefore like to call attention to the project GenderOpen, which is funded by the German Research Funding Organization (DFG). GenderOpen is a repository for the gender studies mainly in the German-speaking world: It gives you as an author the opportunity to republish your text in open access – once the fzg publisher’s embargo period exceeds (two years after publishing). To allow GenderOpen to upload your text you must sign the copyright waiver form. We also recommend reading the information sheet. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the GenderOpen team:.


If you have any questions or inquiries about the fzg, please do not hesitate to contact our coordination team.